This is why weight-distribution is required, even on a 2500

Weight distributing, whats that?
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This is why weight-distribution is required, even on a 2500

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Anyone that tells you, WDH's are not 'necessary' are likely looking like this as they motor down the road.

This picture is a good example of how bad it looks from the side.

This is a level parking lot.

The back of the truck is so loaded down, that the front axle of the RV is carrying most of the weight.

Tire failure is highly likely. It looks like it has happened already as it appears theres different brands of tires on the front vs the back.

Bearing failure on that truck is highly likely.

Theres no way that trucks front brakes will be effective with most of the weight unloaded from them. The rear brakes are not strong enough.

While the RV weight may not be over-loading that back axle, as it is a 2500 Frame, there is likely still too much weight.

There were no airbags on this truck. I watched it leave the parking lot. I will not say what state any of this happend in, but that truck is at least 800 miles from home. Hopefully it makes it home.

Pretty sad to see and is recipe for disaster.

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